This page has been made for anyone in the profession who believes UX rocks – or wants to learn why!

Hopefully, the articles and books here will inspire you to do even greater UX work. I hope that it will.

My name is Mikkel Michelsen and I have designed user experiences for more than 19 years – and I still love it! I currently lead an experience design team at the largest online retailer in Denmark – WhiteAway group.

Prior to that, I have been involved in

  • Leading UX design for eBay, designing multiple succesful apps for mobile and iPad, as well as the main HTML based e-commerce marketplace. One of my personal accomplishments was the from-scratch design of a Sell-Your-Item flow that ended up changing the market for classifieds
  • Designing UX for military applications, including webbased and software based decision management suites. One of my major projects was designing mission critical user experiences for the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 aviation system. I also pioneered a touchscreen based system for armored vehicles now actively deployed in NATO.
  • Designing specialist webbased interfaces for goverment institutions such as the Danish Tax Authorities and other major clients.
  • Designing software for banking institutions. One of my main projects was redesigning a software suite for transaction management professionals for the Wall Street Systems Finance Kit suite.
  • Leading design teams in two web agencies prior to my current work at WhiteAway group.

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