UX book review: Web Form Design

Topics Web Site Design style= | Web Design style=
Author Luke Wroblewski style= © 2008
Format Paperback, 226 pages
Rating  Our rating: ★★★★★ | Amazon rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars style=
Short version A very useful book for the UX designer about the design and layout of forms on webpages. Recommended for both UX designers and web programmers. 

A must-have book on designing forms: Web Form Design

The book is a collection of insights and best practices of web design collected by Luke Wroblewski during many years of web design experience. It is a book aimed at both web designers, web programmers and UX designers alike. The very broad appeal of the book makes it an obvious best seller in it’s category and perhaps the best design book on form design out there.

Here are some of the major learnings we took from the book.

  • The structure and overall layout of the form matters
  • Use smart defaults to increase speed and usability of the form
  • Only indicate required fields in certain cases
  • Present error messages the right way
  • Primary and secondary actions

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