5 amazing free UX books

Not all good things in life costs money.

Here’s a list of the 5 best free UX e-books of 2016.

#1: UX Design Trends

uxdesigntrends_160UX design trends 2015 & 2016111 (email required to download)

If you want to get updated on the latest trends in UX design, this is a great e-book that’s picking up best practices and case studies for some of the most popular sites online, like Spotify, Tinder, Vine and Netflix.

You will learn about designing for multi-devices, what micro-interactions is all about, and much more. It also shows a great deal of the techniques behind the best practices. Is is a shorter e-book, and very pleasurable to read.

#2: The UX Reader

uxreader_160The UX Reader11
1(Download PDF in Zip file, no signup required)

This book is written by the UX team @ Mailchimp. They probably know what they are doing, wouldn’t you say? This is an e-book that covers the UX discipline from start to finish, and it can serve as a reference guide to everything UX.

You will learn about UX in different categories like Collaboration, Design, Development, Refinement and Research, each written by different members of their staff.

#3: 50 UX Best Practices

uxbestpractices50_16050 UX Best Practices (Download PDF, no signup required)

In this practical book, 50 UX best practices are listed. Everything from user research, content strategy, planning UX and front-end design and development.

The funny story about this e-book is that it outlasted the agency that wrote it “Above The Fold”. This goes perhaps to show that being “above the fold” isn’t really that important anymore in UX anymore. But the book is certainly recommendable, and a joy to read.

#4: Bright Ideas

bright_160Bright Ideas for User Experience Designers (Download PDF, email required)

This book is written by the UX experts at Userfocus, and looks at the practice of UX design. For instance, you will learn how to be able to prototype faster, how to communicate errors in the UI. You will also be enlightened with what a UX Vision is all about, and expert tips for designing in Axure.

Last but not least, the book is very funny, and has a lot of entertaining analogies about the Beatles and the CRAP usability model.

#5: UX Storytellers

uxstorytellers_160UX storytellers – Connecting the dots style= style= style= (PDF, no email required)

This is a classical UX e-book that’s been out for quite a while. It contains the stories of 42 experienced User Experience professionals. If you want to enter the profession of UX and learn more about it in no time, reading these testimonies might be worth your while.

It’s also very useful for getting different perspectives of UX, and shows the breadth of the profession.



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