8 UX books that just look cool on your desk

Some UX books just spark amazing conversations. Leave them at your desk, and you’ll see! The books below have all been tried and tested as great conversation starters. People just want to pick them up! Part of our special collections.


Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design (Voices That Matter) by Maria Giudice style= style= style=

Maria Guidice, Director of Product Design at facebook, interviews design executives and explains the role of high-level strategic design management. Leave this book on your desk, and people will know what you believe – that design belongs in management! And they will start asking interesting questions.

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Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewski style=

Have you ever designed a form, wondering whether you did it in the most usable way? Most people have, including visual designers, programmers and product managers. So with this book on your desk, you can rest assured that people will look at it and start to ask questions. And you will be the expert on forms. Highly recommended for any UX designer- not just for show.

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101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick style=

People will start asking questions about this one. People will know you are the kind of person that looks outside of your domain for inspiration. And this book is not just for show. You will want to open it yourself and apply the many architectural design principles to your digital work.

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems by Steve Krug style=

The title of this book is pretty genius. For that alone, I’d leave it on my desk. But also, it ignites all sorts of interesting conversation about usability testing that the dry books won’t. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t usability test – it’s easy. Your colleagues might even know Steve Krug’s previous best seller, Don’t Make Me Think. This is a very practical, pragmatic book, and a joy to read.

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100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People by Susan M Weinschenk style=

People want to know people. Your colleagues do, too.  The title alone makes people want to pick it up and talk to you about it. The format is very accessible. Furthermore, as a UX designer, you will enjoy it too. The book takes you through 100 important “principles” of human decisionmaking and behavior, each adressed in a few pages. A joy to read, and good assistant to everyday design decisions.

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#6: Hooked

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal

This book will get noticed on your desk. Because it addresses the wish of most product designer: how to make the user emotionally “attach” t0 a product, and prefer it over others. In it, you will learn the four steps to creating user habits that make them return and use your product again and again. It has become an instant best seller in the product design category.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products


Didn’t find your pick? Explore more UX books style= at Amazon.

Didn’t find your pick? Explore more UX books1 at Amazon.