Books about UX strategy and management

UX is both detail and high-level strategy. UX should be anchored in higher management. Most UX designers will face strategic, management-level decisions working with even the slightest pixelnudging. Here’s a list of great books about UX strategy and management.


Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design (Voices That Matter) by Maria Giudice style= style= style=

Maria Guidice interviews and explores a portfolio of different design managers and their role in making design a high-level strategic issue for all product design. The book explains where design work belongs; in the layer of strategic decisionmaking.

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#2: UX Strategy

UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want by Jaime Levy style=

This book was written in 2015 and is a fresh new addition to the increasingly popular thinking on UX Strategy. UX has become a household agenda item in most tech firms, and strategy for designing the user experience is becoming increasingly important. The book is very accessible, giving you lightweight strategy tools and techniques to help you and your team design products that people want to use. The book is not for the UX manager, but for the UX designer who is, knowing it or not, involved in strategic decisions daily.

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