Why UX rocks!

User Experience design is about designing digital solutions with the user in mind.

It’s all about the user

UX puts the user where he or she rightfully belongs: in the center. As we draw, design and develop digital solution, the user is often far, and our colleagues closer. With UX, the user is back in the room. As UX designers, we are the advocate for the user.

Promotes sound principles of design

With UX in place, we cannot circumvent sound design principles and resort to unethical practices like dark patterns. The UX designer is there to ensure we do it all with the user in mind. The UX designer is not there for the business. UX is for the user, which advances the business.

Makes products better

Besides helping the user, UX just makes products more delightful to use. Think about the hours, day, even weeks or months we spend using a device. UX is about making that time pleasurable, easy, fun, convenient, quick. User experience is a positive experience.

Improves business

No serious entrepreneur today will launch a digital solution, being a website or an app, without thinking UX. Since 1999, we have to come to a point where we know that UX makes good sense. It’s a strategic element in making a product work, and I would argue, the most important one for the business. We can slack on features, recruiting, and much more. But without UX, we might as well close it down.

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